Marisa Anaya brings her expertise in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, as well as her belief in the power of human connection, to every patient encounter. After multiple successful experiences receiving acupuncture while living in Tokyo, Marisa left a successful career teaching English Literature and Drama at one of England’s most prestigious private schools in order to follow her passion to help others heal. With expertise in the treatment of the common health problems of today, including poor digestion (constipation, leaky gut and GERD), autoimmune disease, headache, adrenal fatigue, and musculoskeletal pain, Marisa fully embraces the holistic nature of this ancient healing art. To this end, having studied Functional Medicine, Marisa is currently on the path to certification as an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner.

Marisa has also been able to incorporate her personal and professional interest in making her patients look and feel younger using techniques gathered from her collaboration with Shellie Goldstein and Georgia Louise. She is known for her unique ability to create a personalized facial rejuvenation program that results in a more youthful appearance and vibrant feeling of vitality in her clients.

With double Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Michigan, and Masters degrees from Kings College of London and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Marisa has clearly demonstrated that she possesses both the intellectual curiosity and the specialized training sought by the most demanding of health care consumers. Having joined Shellie in 2012, she is delighted to continue be an instrumental part of this dynamic and healing team.



“Marisa Anaya is everything one could want in an acupuncturist: engaged, knowledgeable, and deeply invested in helping her patients lead healthier lives.”

-Leila B. Client


Marisa in Prevention Magazine

“Should I try an Acupuncture Facial? One-Word Answer – Yes!”

Acupuncture facials (affectionately called acufacials) use a combination of acupuncture, gentle microcurrents, and facial techniques to lift muscles while improving your health from the inside out. “It’s like taking your face to they gym,” says Marisa Anaya a licensed acupuncturist in New York City.


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Marisa in JWM Magazine

“In Your Face: Is it possible to get a lift without surgery?” by Alice Gordon in the Well-Being section of JWM Magazine. Gordon writes, “I have spent three of the four last springs letting the gifted Marisa Anaya poke me with needles to soothe all kinds of aches, pains and annoyances.” Gordon describes her first AcuFacial® experience step by step after being a traditional acupuncture regular.


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“Marisa is such a generous soul. I never thought I’d enjoy being stuck with needles, but I just feel so good when I leave her office.”

-Alyssa C. Client

Marisa on Television

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