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AcuFacial® Lift - a healthy alternative to cosmetic injections or surgery

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AcuFacial Facelift®

A Cosmetic Acupuncture alternative solution to facial fillers and surgeries

For those who wish to enhance or refrain from using injectables or plastic surgery, cosmetic acupuncture might be the right choice. Shellie Goldstein is a recognized expert in acupuncture and facial acupuncture, licensed in New York and Florida. She offers treatments that improve clients’ overall well being and appearance.

At her three practices (NYC, The Hamptons and Florida) Shellie uses a wide spectrum of acupuncture techniques as well as micro-current, ultrasound, and LED light therapy to lift sagging muscles, tighten flaccid skin, brighten and even skin color, and turn back the hands of time. All procedures have no bruising or downtime, and the results speak for themselves – view the photo gallery for before and after pictures of actual clients.

“One of the hottest applications of acupuncture.”
-Harper’s Bazaar

Cosmetic Acupuncture

  • Improves muscle tone and integrity
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plumps skin, thickens collagen and elastin
  • Stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Improves skin vitality
  • Evens skin color
  • Gives face and eyes a healthy, radiant glow
  • Creates physical and emotional wellness

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Acupuncture is a treatment which involves inserting sterilized tiny thin needles into the outer surface of various parts of the body to balance life force energy. Widely recognized as an effective treatment to many disorders, acupuncture treats the root cause of the problem, without any of the side effects of Western drugs.

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The Antidote

The signature treatment, The Antidote, is a completely unique, inside-outside cure for cosmetic aging concerns. Shellie, Daniela, and their team, have created one of the most powerful natural anti aging skincare treatments of our time.

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