Anatomy and Physiology of the Face for Cosmetic Acupuncture: Safe Practice for Practitioners and Patients

1. Cosmetic Acupuncture yields the same results as a Western facelift.


2. One of the keys to obtaining realistic expectations and therefore treatment success is verbal and written patient education.


3. Potential patient misconceptions are:

The results of cosmetic acupuncture are identical to a western facelift.
Long lasting results will likely be obtained after a single treatment.
Treatment results are cumulative.
All of the above.

4. After establishing your Chinese medicine diagnosis it is important to

Immediately begin treatment.
Let the patient wait until the next session to begin treatment.
Explicitly outline a plan with your patient.
Treat only the patients complaints.

5. According to this course, the following situations are considered cosmetic acupuncture contraindication:

Patient is on blood thinning medication.
Patient has a potential skin cancer.
Patient has needle sensitivity.
Patient had facial fillers 10 days ago.
All of the above
A, B, D
B and D

6. Signs of skin cancer are:

Lesion asymmetry.
Lesion borders are irregular.
Skin pigment is irregular.
Skin growth is larger than the size of a pencil eraser.
Skin crusting, oozing, bleeding, or broken patches.
All of the above.

7. Physiological aging skin changes include:

Loss of skin thickness.
The dermis separates from the epidermis.
Skin growth rate decreases.
Increased chance of neoplasms.
A, B, C.
All of the above.

8. The chief motor nerve of the face is ___________. It controls facial expression, the gland of the palate and nose, and the taste buds in part of the mouth.

Cranial Nerve III.
Cranial Nerve V.
Cranial Nerve VII.
Cranial Nerve XII.

9. Puncturing a capillary can lead to bruising. Since this can happen when inserting an acupuncture needle, if a bruise spreads, becomes aggravated, or does not subside it is appropriate to wait before seeking medical treatment.


10. One of the biggest liability risks in cosmetic acupuncture is the unrealistic patient expectation. In order to clarify the parameters of acupuncture treatment it is recommended that prior to treatment patients should read and sign a detailed consent form.