The Do-It-Yourself Acupressure Face Lift

For a Tighter, Brighter, Younger Look and Feel

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Touch + Glow kit


Single Kit

Includes and instruction sheet in a gel bag
The Touch + Glow self-acupressure wand is the perfect solution for a brighter, more youthful complexion without the use of injectables or plastic surgery. This convenient new kit from acupuncture expert Shellie Goldstein, M.S., L.AC. consists of a water resistant silicone gel bag carrying case, a step-by-step facial acupressure guide, and a magnetized stainless steel wand. The relaxing regimen is composed of points that ease tension, smooth wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, improve tone and texture and provide instant stress relief with long term cosmetic benefits.


Touch + Glow kit

Double Kit

Two wands to treat both sides of the face at the same time.
Twice the results in half the time. Includes Two Wands & Instruction Sheet in a gel bag.


Single Wand

Need a spare wand? Leave one at home and take one to go.
Includes a single wand in a satin sleeve.


TOUCH+GLOW™ Demonstration Video

Following the visual instructions makes locating the acupressure points even easier.

What is TOUCH+GLOW™?

Learn More About TOUCH+GLOW™:

The Natural Acupressure Face Lift

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TOUCH+GLOW™, the patented beauty-enhancing system, combines modern technology with the power of ancient Asian acupressure technique. Acupressure is a safe and noninvasive method of applying gentle stimulation to specific points on the face and body to promote beauty and health. The TOUCH+GLOW™ battery-operated wand uses gentle vibration to optimize the effectiveness of the acupressure treatment. Along with the wand, the TOUCH+GLOW™ system includes easy-to-follow instructions detailing a specific sequence of acupressure points to enhance facial appearance.

Benefits of Touch+Glow™
  • Softens wrinkles
  • Improves skin
  • Eases stress and tension
  • Immediate and lasting benefits
  • Easy to use anytime, anywhere

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Visible Results

Cheeks & Jaw Line Toned

Forehead Creases Softened

After 20 Days

Skin Redness & Irritation Diminished

Skin Redness & Irritation Diminished

After 20 Days

Forehead Creases Softened

Forehead Creases Softened

After 20 Days

Under Eye Puffiness Reduced

Under Eye Puffiness Reduced

After 10 Days

Here’s What Our Users Say

Here’s What Our Users Say

Data reflects a consumer based pilot study conducted by TGI Research and analysed by an independent research institution. Results are based on using the TOUCH+GLOW™ System for 20 consecutive days.

“I feel lifted, toned, brighter, and less wrinkled.”

-AnneLise Hagan: Actress-

“Much more vitality in the skin and firmness around the cheekbones and jawline… less puffiness around the eyes.”

-Catherine Russell: Musician/Jazz Singer-

“I think the tone of my skin is just amazing. it shines and feels really different and I have seen a real difference. My jaw line is strengthened and eyes seem to be wider and less puffy.”

-Nancy Degnan: Business Owner, Consultant-

“Skin more even, less discoloration, wrinkles reduced significantly”.

-Jennifer Lewinson: Finance-

“Noticeable improvement. Neck tighter and smooth forehead.”

-Stephen Kazanjian: Business Owner-

“Last night at dinner a friend said
‘Wow! Your skin looks amazing!’ ”

-Ali Quinn: Mother-

Ready To Glow?

Once you receive your TOUCH+GLOW™ Kit, you can download your instruction sheet here.

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