Eyes & Forehead

cheeks-4-baFemale, Age 32
Before: Sagging cheeks give face and jaw a puffy tired appearance.
After: After eight treatments, cheek muscles have lifted, giving the face a sculpted and open appearance.

Glabella Crease. Ten Treatments

Glabella-Crease-Ten-Treatments-baMale, Age 37
Before: Deep glabella creases between eyebrows
After: After ten treatments, deep glabella creases between eyebrows have significantly softened

Under Eye Puffiness. Five Treatments

Under-Eye-Puffiness-baMale, Age 35
Before: Swelling and puffiness under eyes
After: After five treatments, under eye puffiness has significantly diminished

Red Irritated Eyes. One Treatments

Red-Irritated-baMale, Age 42
Before: Redness and irritation around eyes
After: After one treatment, redness and irritation around eyes has disappeared

Forehead. Eight Treatments

Forehead-Eight-Treatments-baFemale, Age 49
Before: Creases in forehead and glabella area.
After: After eight treatments, creases have significantly diminished.