Acne and Other Skin Problems

Acne and other skin problems are a common complaint among adolescents and adults. From occasional breakouts to severe acne, most people, at some time, suffer from skin trouble. Western treatments include over the counter topical solutions (cleansing gels, lotions, peroxide, salicylic acid, antibiotic creams), prescription retinoids (Renova), and oral antibiotics or retinoids (Accutane). Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture and herbal preparations to address unwanted skin conditions.




After (Six treatments)

“My hormonal acne was driving me crazy. After a course of acupuncture with Shellie, it was gone. Her treatments also helped me with my mood swings. She’s amazing!”

– Alyson P.


You are born with a skin type. It is determined by your pore size, oil production, and capillary activity. Your skin condition is acquired and is influenced by your age, environment, lifestyle, hormones, medications, allergies, and skin care maintenance. Chinese Medicine believes that although we are born with different types of skin, the condition of your skin should feel and look problem-free. A healthy complexion is the expression of a healthy body. When your skin is too oily, dry, or sensitive, it is a reflection of an internal imbalance. Acupuncture restores internal health to create clear, radiant, and youthful appearing skin.

Acne, Eczema, Pimples, and Rosacea

Skin, is a fine, porous barrier that separates our inside systems from the outside world. Skin is also the largest organ of our body. Its health reflects your internal well being. If skin is weak or lacks integrity, it can easily be irritated and damaged. According to Chinese Medicine skin problems are internal in nature.
Acne, eczema, pimples, and even rosacea may not look the same, but in Chinese Medicine their underlying condition is similar. Internal weaknesses cause heat to rise and become trapped under the skins surface. As this heat festers, it irritates and damages your skin cells and pores. The degree of pervasiveness affects the severity of the situation and determines the course of acupuncture treatment. Mild to moderate cases are easier to treat. With acupuncture, diet, and proper skin care, lasting results may be seen in a few days to several weeks. In more chronic situations, positive results may be observed quickly, however long lasting results may take up to several months.

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