What is AcuLaser™?

What is AcuLaserTM

AcuLaser™ is an excellent option for patients interested in acupuncture who prefer to avoid needles. AcuLaser™ works according to the principles of traditional acupuncture by stimulating specific points (acupoints) along meridians on the body to promote health and healing. While traditional acupuncture uses needles to stimulate points mechanically, AcuLaser™ uses light energy.

Like conventional acupuncture, AcuLaser™ treatments are individually customized specifically for each patient based on findings at the time of each session. Traditional acupuncturists often use “tongue and pulse” diagnosis to assess imbalances. However, another method of assessment is bioelectronic meridian testing which involves taking measurements of the electrical resistance at key acupoints on the hands and feet. This method was first developed in the 1950s by Yoshio Nakatani, a Japanese medical doctor who discovered correlations between areas of altered electrical conductivity on the skin of patients with various illnesses.

All AcuLaser™ sessions include AcuGraph assessment and analysis. The AcuGraph system makes it possible to observe bioelectronic measurements in real time as they are taken and projected on a computer screen. Those interested in understanding how their symptoms may relate to meridian imbalances can receive a printed summary of this report that they can keep. These reports can be used to track changes and document progress.

Like acupuncture, the results of AcuLaser™ are cumulative. When beginning treatment, AcuLaser™ works best when sessions are scheduled at least once or twice weekly. After problems are resolved, monthly visits help maintain the beneficial results of the AcuLaser™ treatment.


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