What is Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupressure)?


Often described as reflexology for the ear, the surface of the ear contains hundreds of points that represent a map of the entire body. The diagnosis and treatment of these points is known as Auriculotherapy. Tiny seeds, gems, or crystals when placed on the surface of the ear, in specific patterns, apply the exact pressure necessary to naturally and non-invasively improve body health and enhance natural beauty.

How Does Auriculotherapy Work?

While the origin of ear acupuncture dates back to ancient China, modern application of auriculotherapy began in the early 1950’s. Dr. Paul Nogier, a neurologist in Lyons, France, noticed that not only was the skin of the ear thinner than body tissue, there were also small depressions at specific locations throughout the entire ear surface. He realized that these depressions, or ear points, created a map of the body similar to the way foot reflexology views points on the feet. When charted, the ear points were arranged in an orderly fashion that looked like the shape of an inverted fetus. The points correlating to the head were located on the bottom of the ear, the feet towards the top, and the body in between.

From his extensive research Nogier discovered that nerves running through the ear points access parts of the brain that control specific body parts and systems. When these areas were ‘out of balance’ the corresponding ear points were concurrently affected. They either changed color, texture, or felt tender to the touch. Reciprocally, when treating the ear points, the connected body area and systems began to heal. Blood circulation was enhanced, electrodermal activity became activated, pain was reduced, and illnesses resolved.

Ear acupressure is simple to perform, takes 10-15 minutes to apply, and has long lasting benefits. Tiny vaccaria seeds, colored gems, or Swarovski® crystals are secured to ear points in a specific point sequence determined by the health condition. They can be worn for days before needing to be replaced. Changing the seeds, gems, or crystals can be performed in the office or at home.

What Can Auriculotherapy Treat?

Weight management
Hair loss
Poor vision
Digestive problems
Menopause related conditions
Memory loss
Vision disturbances
Smoking addiction
Skin disorders
Signs of aging
And more…

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