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Daniela Turley Teas & Tonics


Fresh Face Skin 200ml

Problem skin doesn't have to be a problem. The ingredients in this tonic have been developed to alleviate occasional breakouts, mild eczema, and psoriasis. When taken daily and it can give your skin an internal makeover and make your skin glow!

This wonderful formulation hits all the marks. It contains Arctium lappa and Smilax to target the first signs of aging. Echinacea and poke root to stimulate the lymphatic system which is great for clearing congested skin problems like acne, eczema and psoriasis. Nettle provides silica, magnesium and trace minerals that help to feed the skin from the inside. Soluble silica is thought to stimulate collagen formation so a great anti-aging addition to any skin care regime. Smilax, nettle and berberis are potent natural anti-inflammatory herbs that act similarly to steroids without the side effects. This reduces redness, puffiness and itching from the skin.

When to use:

  • occasional breakouts
  • mild eczema and psoriasis
  • tired dull skin

Ingredients: Arctium lappa, Echinacea purpurea, Smilax sarsaparilla, Berberis aquifolium, Rumex crispus, Phytolacca decandra, Urtica dioica, Water, Pure Grain Alcohol.

If you are taking medication please tell your doctor. Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.


Repair and Refine 200ml

The ingredients in this tonic are designed to reduce the signs of aging. This formulation increases collagen, protects collagen and elastin from free radical damage, and improves skin health. For optimal results, take at the first signs of aging.

Repair and Refine includes free radical scavenger herbs like turmeric, licorice and gingko. Burdock and gotu kola have been shown to block inflammatory mediators TNF alpha and IL6, which stabilizes collagen. Further collagen protection comes from wild yam which blocks the enzyme that degrades collagen. Wild yam also has been shown to reduce sun damage. As well as the anti-aging effects, the herbs in the formula have other beneficial effects. They have been shown to improve memory and circulation, may be protective against cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's. Help with bloating and digestion.

When to use:

  • At first signs of aging
  • Peri or Post menopause

Ingredients: Dioscorea villosa, Curcuma longa, Gingko biloba, Glycyrrhiza, Centella asiatica, Arctium lappa

If you are on medication please consult your doctor before taking this formula. Do not take if you have a history of bleeding or are taking aspirin or warfarin. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing.


Calm My Skin 200ml

Red inflamed skin and broken capillaries are not fun! Calm My Skin is developed for rosacea sufferers. It is also beneficial for inflamed, irritated, or highly sensitive skin.

This blend contains herbs like horse chestnut, bilberry and butcher’s broom to strengthen the microcapillaries and help stop the flushing. It also helps to alleviate restless legs and poor circulation. The addition of feverfew and licorice reduce inflammation and redness in a similar way to steroids without the side effects. The herbs also act as a free radical mop which helps with sun damage.

When to use:

  • Rosacea
  • Inflammed Skin
  • Irritated or Highly Sensitive Skin

Ingredients: Ruscus aculeatus, Tanacetum parthenium, Aesculus hippocastanum, Vaccinium myrtillus, Glycyrrhiza glabra

If you are on medication please consult your doctor before taking this formula. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. Make sure to use sunscreen when using this product.


Who Needs Xanax? Stress Tea 2 oz

Ingredients: Licorice, sculcap, rose, chamomile, spearmint, verbena

Tired of feeling tense? Rush hour makes your heart race? This tea will drain it all away so you can sit back and smell the roses.

This stress-busting tea contains sweet licorice, a herb that contains glycyrrhizin that mimics the body’s cortisol. This allows the adrenal gland to rest and if taken regularly will correct adrenal fatigue, leaving you feeling renewed. Sculcap is a hidden gem known to European natural health care specialists as a wonder-herb for stress and tension. Rose, chamomile, spearmint and verbena not only provide a wonderful flavour, but are welcome calming additions to complete this relaxing beverage.


Clean Slate Detox Tea 2 oz

Ingredients: Calendula, redclover, corn silk, chen pi, fennel, nettle

Have you been eating and drinking the wrong things lately? Feeling sluggish and heavy? This detox tea targets the organs that eliminate toxins (the lliver, kidney, gut and skin) to leave you feeling fantastic.

Calendula and Redclover spring-clean the lymphatic system. Sweet Corn Silk contains osmotic diuretics to cleanse the kidney and urinary tract. Aromatic Fennel acts on the lungs and gut, calming gas and removing phlegm. Nettle provides minerals and chlorophyll the latter suppressing “bad gut bacteria”. Chen Pi completes the formula traditionally used to clear stagnation.


Stomach Soother Digestion Tea 2 oz

Ingredients: Chamomile, spearmint, peppermint, fennel, licorice, chen pi

Bloated, cramps, indigestion? Take a cup of this tea after eating and just see the difference a small cup of tea can make!

The ‘mother-of-the-gut’ Chamomile is not only anti-inflammatory, but calms the nerves and so aids conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. Peppermint and Fennel are refreshing carminatives that relieve gut cramps and gas. In clinical trials, the active ingredients have been shown to relax smooth muscle cells thus stopping painful gut cramps. Licorice has been traditionally used to strengthen the digestion it also aids absorption of certain nutrients from the digestive tract. The last herb chen pi completes the formulation used for milenia for alleviating bloating and aiding digestion. Brew this tea covered with a plate or a lid to stop the volatile oils escaping.


Pre-pregnancy Tea 2 oz

Ingredients: Red raspberry leaf

Bun in the oven? Red Raspberry Leaf tea has been used to prepare the body for child-birth for hundreds of years. Red Raspberry tea is thought to act by toning the womb. Mothers who drink it in the last trimester of pregnancy have reported having quicker and easier births. It is thought to act by the mechanism of regulating the contractions of the womb to make them more effective.


Sweet Dreams Sleep Tea 2 oz

Ingredients: Rose, passion flower, valerian, chamomile, licorice, spearmint.

Mind ticking over at night ? Or just want to sleep a little deeper? This is the tea for you. A unique blend of calming herbs to promote a sound night’s sleep. This tea is best enjoyed 10-15 minutes before bed to get the body ready for sleep.

It contains Passionflower, Valerian and Chamomile which are natural sedatives that have been shown in clinical trials to successfully treat mild to moderate insomnia (in comparison to placebo) with no side effects. Rose, Licorice and Spearmint are included to add balance and harmony as well as wonderful naturally sweet aromatic flavour.