4 Hour Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture Video

This 4 Hour Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture Video provides in-depth training in cosmetic acupuncture from an Eastern and Western perspective as it pertains to facial aging. Wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone, and other common age related conditions are examined. By integrating the principles of TCM and a thorough understanding of Western facial anatomical (skin, fascia, muscles, retaining ligaments, bone) maturation it is possible to treat and significantly improve facial appearance.

  • Explore the history of cosmetic acupuncture
  • Review aging from TCM perspective (Qi, Blood, Fluids, Meridians, Zang/Fu Organs)
  • Explain skin morphology from an Eastern and Western perspective
  • Detail muscles, fascia, retaining ligaments morphology from a Western anatomical perspective
  • Demonstrate a point protocol and cosmetic acupuncture treatment

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